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dd form 149

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15. SIGNATURE Applicant must sign here. 16. DATE SIGNED DD FORM 149 DEC 2014 PREVIOUS EDITION IS OBSOLETE. Adobe Designer 9. REMARKS DD FORM 149 BACK DEC 2014 Records SAF/MRBR 550-C Street West Suite 40 Randolph AFB TX 78150-4742 Department of Homeland Security Office of the General Counsel 245 Murray Lane Stop 0485 Washington DC 20528-0485. APPLICATION FOR CORRECTION OF MILITARY RECORD UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF TITLE 10 U*S* CODE SECTION 1552 OMB No* 0704-0003 OMB approval expires Dec 31 2017...
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Comments and Help with form dd 149

Who needs a DD 149 Form?

This form is used by current or former military personnel (active service, separated or retired) or their legal representatives to apply for a correction of military records. If you find an error or injustice in the military personnel records, you should complete this form and send it to the appropriate service’s Board - the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps.  

What is the DD 149 Form for?

This form is an application for the correction of military records. The service secretary uses the information in the form to correct errors and injustice in the military records of the individual if the provided evidence is strong and accurate.

Is the DD 149 Form accompanied by other forms?

The applicant or their representatives should attach copies of all statements and records that support the case. The board will correct the military records only if the applicant provides enough evidence of an error or injustice. The secretary will contact all the witnesses that are mentioned in the statements.

When is the DD 149 Form due?

The applicant must submit the application within 3 years after the error or injustice was discovered.

How do I fill out the DD 149 Form?

While completing the form, the applicant has to provide the following information:

  • Applicant’s personal information: branch of service (Army, Navy, Air force, Marine Corps, Coast guard), name, pay grade, service number, SSN
  • Status with respect to the armed services
  • Type of discharge
  • Date of discharge or release
  • Detailed description of the error or injustice
  • Explanation of the reason or injustice
  • Information about the previous decision on the case
  • Discovery of the error or injustice
  • List of the attached documents
  • Information about the counsel (if there is any)
  • Address of the applicant

The application must be signed and dated.

Where do I send the DD 149 Form?

The application should be sent to the appropriate service Board. The address is printed on the second page of the form.

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